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Luz He Sho Wu
Luz He Sho Wu

Luz He Sho Wu

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Luz Herbs He Sho Wu is prepared by following and honoring Chinese Medicine traditions. Creating a product that is tested by time while delivering a safe and easy to use powder extract.

Our Fo-Ti root is processed in the traditional curing process that protects its healing properties while eliminating the natural laxative emodin from the root. This process makes it safe and healthy for everyday use.

So much more than an aging tonic, Luz He Sho Wu is extremely nourishing as a beauty tonic promoting healthy, strong hair from the inside.  Our harmonizing powder extract also renews energy, increases libido, stamina, fertility and nurture genuine wellness for all genders. 

History and Folklore

Pure at its essence Luz He Sho Wu story begins at the root. At the foothills of southern China. He Sho Wu naturally growth in its native climate drawing vital benefits from its origins.

This root is harvested at its peak and then patiently aged to perfection. The benefits of this healing extract are both a beauty tonic and a simple way to support overall general health.

This tonic is packed with antioxidants and is highly sought after for its youth sustaining properties.

The perfect combination of wellness, strengthening bones, tendons, knees, and low back.

The legend says that Mr. Li Ching Yun lived to be 252 years old crediting his longevity to the daily consumption of He Shou Wu. He Shou Wu is an anti-aging tonic herb that’s been one of the foundational tonics of Chinese medicine for over 1000 years remaining popular to this day.


10-1 extract He sho Wu


Take ½ tsp. daily